Wind- and Wave Sports:
• Dhingy Sailing
   rental, courses and licensing
• Catamaran Sailing
   rental, courses and licensing
• Windsurfing 
   rental, courses and licensing
• Kitesurfing
   rental, courses and licensing
• Surfing, Bodyboarding, Kneeboarding
   rental, courses and guided excursions


Motorized Sports:
• Banana & Fun Tubes
• Waterski
• Wakeboard
• Wakeskate & Wakesurf
• Kneeboard
• Jet Ski rental
• Parasailing

• Various Boat Rentals
• and many more...


Swimming Sports:
• Swimming courses
• Waterparks
• Life Guards
• Snorkeling
   rental, courses and guided excursions

• Abnoe and Free Diving

Paddle Sports:
• Canoe/ Kayak
• Paddle Boat
• Stand-up Paddle Boards (SUP)

• Big Game Fishing
• Regular line-fishing

Outdoor Activities:​
• Various Excursions and Programs
• Cycling, Biking & eBikes
• Various Fun, Action & Extreme Sports

• and many more...

Our main focus in all aspects is of course an absolute safe operation for all customers and staff. To be able to develop the indivuidually required structure of a watersport operation, we have developed standardized procedures, concepts and guidelines which will be adapted to the local szenario, conditions and regulations.

Next to our key focus safety, we want to outline below details which we especially set our focus on to ensure a professional and efficient operation with satisfied customer.

Sports & Activities
The term ‘watersports’ can refer to a variety of water activities, but it is important to consider a number of factors before deciding what is right for the individual circumstances. It is important that the individual sports are seen as ‘progressive’ or something that guests will want to do again.

Even though our company can also deliver concepts and solutions for diving and outdoor sports, our focus is on services of a clasic watersport center as below:

We are always trying to include as many sports and services as possible, but every location has its own characteristics and local regulations. Especially watersports operations need to be aligned with the individual conditions and circumstances to offer a variety of watersports in a safe and professional manner.

But not only the location of the watersport operation is important, the center itself needs special planing to ensure an efficient daily business. We can assist in the planing and construction progress of Watersport Centers to make sure everything is in the right place, equipment can be stored appropriately, staff has base for a perfect routine, sufficient space is considered and customers have the best possible experience.

Staff Recruiting & Training​

Having the right people for the job is always the most difficult part any any business, but for sure even more in watersports operations. It's a combination of skils, certifications, experience, professionalism, passion but also having a feeling for people, service, equipment and sales.

Through our partner associations and our own database of reliable employees, we have access to qualified, certified personal and can assist in the recruiting process. Depending on preferred languages and season demand changes, we are always able to individualize the needs of our clients.

As we are aware of the importance of local staff, we also lay our focus on developing their skills and abilities continuously and develop ongoing staff training programs. Depending on the clients’ needs and staff's level or qualifications, we can assist in bringing staff to certain watersports levels and international licenses, but as well develop training courses with focus in customer satisfaction and sales maximization.

Our understanding of teaching watersports is to share our passion and to introduce others to the element we find completely irresistible – water. Watersoport Consulting International is not only educating watersports, but as well focusing on environmental awareness and the constant need of safety regulations which are to be followed at all times.


The requirements of Watersport Consulting International regarding the equipment and configuration of watersports centers are at a high level. Depending on the individual conditions and the clients' focus, we suggest type, brand and amount of equipment. We assist by analysing different solutions and price segments to ensure a professional operation with the right equipment.

To guarantee a reliable operation, the right equipment, proper and regular mantenance, in-time repair service and sparepart supply is key focus.

We are as well distributor for leading brands and have a strong network of suppliers of exclusive brands and are happy to assist with any purchases, logistics, spareparts and repair service contacts.


Standard Guidelines and Procedures for staff and management are an important factor to ensure a standardized and safe operation and are often as well required from hotel companies, insurances or ministries. Guidelines need to include safety procedures, general operation procedures for each service offered, general staff guidelines and job discriptions.

Over the years, we developed special staff guidelines for safe, efficient, customer friendly, service orientated and successful watersports operations. These will be adjusted to the individual circumstances, potential local risks and clients' needs.


As every business has to have its focus also in creating revenue, keeping costs and investments in control is a major point in running a successful watersport center. We can assist the operator, manager or owner in developing financial strategies to be able to make the right decisions, efficiently plan daily operations to be successful in the long-run.



A watersport center will only be successful, if potential customers are aware of the full range of activities and services on offer and are motivated to do something about it. We will support in developing a successful marketing plan and corporate identity to attrack as many customers as possible and to win these as repeater guests or even members.


As an important part of a strong marketing plan, we support in arranging events, contests, regattas and other challenges as part of a complete service. Depending on the focus of our clients, we can assist in the organizational part of events or deliver a complete solution.

Having a strong network ourselves, we can support our clients in finding the right sponsors and marketing partners for centers and events or contests.


The benefits of a professional water sports centre in addition to direct revenue are numerous. Guests will have more on-site activity and therefore spend more of food & beverage. Associated sports retail is strong and the benefit of increased marketing power, referrals and repeat bookings is significant. Depending on the clients’ focus, we develop long-term strategies to achieve the set goals.

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